Core concept

To build the world's most professional service-oriented Internet ecological platform is to collect the vision of science and technology, the company to "people-oriented, the pursuit of excellence" as a management concept; To science and technology to strive for excellence, to serve the survival, innovation and development, to learn to grow "for the corporate culture. Our discipline, unity and cooperation to create a good team, through services, technology, innovation to create a different world.


  • October

    Collection of Entertainment 1.0 online official operation

  • September 9

    With Taiwan drama Dance Service professional trade union to reach strategic cooperation, collecting technology Chairman Zhaohongbiao as honorary Chairman

  • July 23

    Chinese Culture TV

  • July 9

    Macao Legal Report, Hong Kong law

  • April 23

    Licensed by the State for approval of business performance

  • March

    Business reorganization of the payroll network changed its name to apply today

  • March 18

    Value-added Telecommunications business License

  • January 5

    Establishment of Shenzhen collection and Employment Service centre

  • January 3

    Hollywood (Shenzhen) film and Art Academy established

  • 2016

  • December

    Trademark 63 file, soft 28,logo Copyright 7, high-tech Enterprise declaration

  • December 16

    Acquisition Country for financing Leasing (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

  • November 30

    Establishment of Cannes (Shenzhen) film and television brokerage Culture Co., Ltd.

  • November 25

    Establishment of Hollywood (Shenzhen) film and Television Training Culture Co., Ltd.

  • November 22

    Oscar (Shenzhen) film Culture Media Co., Ltd. established

  • November 21

    Access to network Culture business license

  • November 10

    Obtain a radio and television program recording license

  • November 8

    Obtaining foreign dispatch qualification Certificate of mofcom

  • September 7

    Introduction of Angel Investment

  • July

    Several news media reports

  • June

    Strategic alliances with several chambers of commerce

  • January 26

    Obtain ISO9001 Quality Management system Certification

  • January 20

    Companies listed in Shenzhen before the Sea listing Code (667211)

  • 2015

  • June

    Won the Shenzhen Innovation Project Award, won the favor of well-known vc,pc investors at home and abroad

  • January

    Salary Network, collection network, cargo drop, private assistant, and other trademarks registered successfully

  • 2014

  • June

    Won the "China's most Innovative talent recruitment network"

  • March

    Salary Network, collection network, the New Territories logistics by the National Trusted website certification

  • February 14

    Established Shenzhen Collection Technology development Company

Office environment

Here, you will have a relaxed, cheerful, equal working environment, you will reap the love, respect, warm entrepreneurial partners, and more importantly, you can achieve their greatest value.

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Company activities

2016-year gathering of all staff of science and technology

2016-year gathering of all staff of science and technology

2017 Dragon Boat Festival Ma Shan ascend activity

2017 Dragon Boat Festival Ma Shan ascend activity

2017 West Flush Beach Event

November 2017 gathering of technology staff